Monday, May 29, 2006

Pure Mac: Mac Software Listing

Pure Mac has a great listing of many mac software, not only for OS X but for earlier version of Mac. Not all listed softwares are free, but they will tell you exactly what is the license of every software. This site got updated frequently, but unfortunately there is no RSS feed to check for the latest Mac Software on this site.

FreeMacware: Free mac software blog is a good source to find free mac software. It gets updated almost daily, and it contains many free (gratis and/or open source) software. This site may not show you the best new free software for Mac, but it will show you the most useful one.

Monday, September 26, 2005

Mac Journal (2.6)

Rating: 4 (****)

Ever wish that you can have some kind of offline blog where you can easily and quickly write something in an organized way? well this one is for you. This application can be used to write any journal, which can be encrypted and password protected, and you can send your journal as email or post them to your blog. The 2.6 version has a limited support for blogging, with it you can upload your journal to a blog but not the other way around, it can't import existing blog contents yet. Currently supported blog engines are Live Journal and Blogger (and any other blog engine that implements the Blogger API, such as WordPress).

- Write text in organized ways, just like paper and pencil journal
- Very intuitive

- Limited support for blogging
- Newer version no longer free (shareware)
- Always tries to connect to .Mac (no preference to avoid it)

All of the reviews posted here were copied from my Mac Journal entries.

AbiWord (2.2.8)

Rating: 3 (***)

Abiword is a simple lightweight word processor. It has many feature like a standard word processor (styles, tables, spelling checker, etc), and is able to import and export many document format (Microsoft Word, OpenOffice Writer, etc).

Compared with Open Office, this Word Processor still has less compatibility with Microsoft Office. Sometimes the application crashed on large or complicated Ms Word documents.

- Lightweight, fast start

- Often crashes on large/complex document